Project Partners

LIP - University of Fribourg

Main project partner

The LIP (laboratoire d’innovation pédagogique) is a laboratory of the University of Fribourg dedicated to design-based research on the uses of digital technology in education.


  • Eric Sanchez, Professor
  • Estelle Prior, PhD student
  • Mariem Jaouadi, PhD student

Media Engineering Institute (MEI), AlbaSim, HEIG-VD, HES-SO

Project leader

MEI-AlbaSim is the "Serious Games Research Axis" at the Media Engineering Institute, School of Business and Engineering Vaud, Switzerland (HEIG-VD, HES-SO).

Its research and development activities are related to the design and development of Serious Games for training purposes. A Serious Game is a computer application that combines a serious intention, of an educational, informative or training nature with playful mechanics from the worlds of video games and computer simulations.

Its research and development activities includes designing authoring tools for serious games, integrating serious games and active pedagogies, using serious games as a basis for resolving real-world problems, analyzing the impact of using serious games.


  • Dominique Jaccard, Professor
  • Maxence Laurent, scientific collaborator
  • Sandra Monnier, scientific collaborator
  • Pierre-Benjamin Monaco, scientific collaborator
  • Audrey Huguenin, designer and scientific collaborator