Project Partners


AlbaSim - Media Engineering Institute (MEI), HEIG-VD, HES-SO

Project leader

AlbaSim is the "Serious Games Research Axis" at the Media Engineering Institute (MEI), School of Business and Engineering Vaud, Switzerland (HEIG-VD, HES-SO).

AlbaSim research and development activities includes serious games design, serious games authoring tools, pedagogical implementation of serious games, learning analytics and learning impacts of serious games.


  • Dominique Jaccard, Professor
  • Maxence Laurent, scientific collaborator
  • Sandra Monnier, scientific collaborator
  • Pierre-Benjamin Monaco, scientific collaborator
  • Audrey Huguenin, designer and scientific collaborator

LIP (Laboratoire d'Innovation Pédagogique) - Tecfa (Technologie de Formation et Apprentissage)

Main project partner

The LIP (Laboratoire d'Innovation Pédagogique) is a research team from TECFA (Technologie de Formation et Apprentissage), a research unit of the University of Geneva dedicated to design-based research on the uses of digital technology in education.


  • Eric Sanchez, Professor
  • Estelle Prior, PhD student
  • Mariem Jaouadi, PhD student